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What to Look for in an IT Service Provider for Your Utah Business

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What to Look for in an IT Service Provider for Your Utah Business

It’s no surprise that companies nationwide are turning to managed IT service providers (MSPs) to handle their technology needs. In-house departments are too costly for small- and medium-sized businesses to sustain whereas cost-effective solutions provided by MSPs allow companies to get the advanced services and support they require at a fraction of the cost.

With so many MSPs to choose from, you may struggle to select one that can meet your expanding IT needs as you grow and rely on secure technology. It’s critical that you know what a great MSP should provide before you hire one.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 things you should look out for in a high-quality, reputable managed IT service provider in Utah:

1. They Take a Proactive Approach, Especially with Cybersecurity

Ideally, a good MSP will take a proactive approach to your IT by preventing issues rather than waiting for them to occur to fix them. With a proactive provider, you’ll experience reduced downtime as they work to put preventative measures in place to solve issues before they arise.

A proactive approach is especially important when it comes to maintaining a robust cybersecurity defense. As many businesses know, cyber attacks have become extremely advanced and evolve every day into more sophisticated threats.

Without high-quality cybersecurity defenses in place, you risk almost certainly becoming the victim of a data breach, which can cost thousands of dollars in ransomware costs, legal fines, and cleanup fees, not to mention damage to your company’s reputation. In fact, in November of 2019, Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo, Utah, dealt with the cleanup of a cybersecurity breach that lead to the sensitive data of over 20,000 eye patients being leaked.

Further, a 2018 report revealed that 61% of US companies had experienced some form of data breach. Malware attacks, including ransomware, are becoming even more prominent, forcing businesses to develop and maintain stronger cybersecurity protection.

Reliable managed IT service providers proactively seek out and patch security vulnerabilities in your systems before a potential data breach arises. They should be aware of the evolving threats that face your systems on a daily basis and monitor your systems continually to ensure no new weaknesses have been exploited. Choosing a reliable managed services company in Utah means you gain advanced protection against cyberattacks and prevent costly errors.

2. They Have Highly Experienced and Adaptable Teams

To keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, businesses should enlist the expert help of specialists who have several years of experience and continue to educate themselves on modern IT upgrades and issues.

The staff of the managed IT service provider you choose should have gone through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they have the correct certifications and experience needed to provide professional support. Your MSP should have a track record of providing excellent services to businesses across several different industries.

For example, here at IT Harbor in Utah, we provide a highly experienced team of professionals who have worked with several businesses to achieve top-rated IT services. We are highly regarded within the field and dedicate ourselves to customer service and satisfaction.

3. Following Industry Standards Is a Priority

The best IT service providers follow the industry standards that apply to your business. Your provider should be able to show their understanding of the important compliance regulations that apply within your industry and use their knowledge to help your business achieve them. They should provide detailed reports outlining any potential security threats so they can make plans to patch vulnerabilities and maintain compliance at all times.

Whether you’re a healthcare organization, a financial institution, or an accounting firm, your MSP should understand the rigorous cybersecurity regulations you must follow and make sure your IT systems adhere to them.

Successfully staying compliant in this area ensures that breaches are much less likely, and should a breach happen, a good service provider will already have a strategy in place to backup and protect data. Remaining compliant at all times means that even if an unexpected IT disaster occurs, you can minimize the potential damage of an IT data breach.

4. They Put Their Customers’ Needs First

Enlisting the support of an IT provider will only benefit a business inasmuch as they have rapid response times. Waiting for any length of time can be extremely costly to a business. Some studies show that even one hour of downtime within a business could potentially cost $100,000 per hour.

That’s why being able to get ahold of your IT provider is one of the most important considerations when hiring an MSP. Using a hard-to-reach company is a hassle. Use a service provider who aims to put their customers’ needs first. They should be easy to contact and should communicate with your business clearly and concisely about how they will resolve issues and strategize your IT.

5. Strategies that Align with Your Business Goals

One size does not fit all when it comes to the IT needs of a business. Your company has a unique aim, and, therefore, requires unique solutions and services.

Service providers that dedicate themselves to understanding the needs of their clients are better able to adapt your IT according to those needs. They should understand both your short- and long-term goals so as to develop IT strategies that align with them and promote company growth.

Likewise, as your business grows, your IT services should grow, too. Your provider should be able to offer recommendations for upgrades in technology, hardware, software and cloud services to give you a competitive advantage in scaling for future business growth.

IT Harbor: The Best in Utah

Using an outsourced IT managed service provider for your business is a great solution for businesses who need expert IT services that don’t break the bank. But choosing the right IT managed service provider is critical, otherwise you may find yourself receiving generic IT solutions that don’t align with your business goals.

At IT Harbor, we understand that each company’s IT infrastructure is unique and needs to be treated as such. Furthermore, we know that downtime can be costly, so when you have an IT service issue, it needs to be fixed—fast. We provide quick response times so you can rest assured your IT will be up and running again in no time.

Contact our experts today for a free assessment or for more information on how we can provide your business with top-rated managed IT services in Utah.

Brett Allred
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