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Network Management

Your network is the foundation of all other business technology.  If the network goes down you can’t access your shared files, you can’t send email, you can’t make or receive phone calls, you can’t use cloud applications, you simply can’t work effectively.  When your network is down, your business is down.

WPS (Workstation, Printer, Server)

Once we have a reliable network created with proper monitoring and a maintenance schedule, we turn to the core devices that run on the network which are workstations, printers, and servers.

Phone System

Telephone systems remain a crucial technology in business operations. We often don’t think much about our phones until they don’t work.  Our managed phone system service includes:

  • New Phone Purchasing and Configuration
  • Extension Changes
  • Voicemail Setup
  • System & Phone Patch Management
  • Recording Configuration and Management
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Business Solutions

There are common pieces of technology across all business such as networks, workstations, printers, servers and phone systems. However, there are many more pieces of technology that are unique to your line of business. This technology comes in the form of software and hardware.